May 3, 2018

There is nothing ordinary about Cedar Key, a small town of 700 people composing a section of the Florida Keys. You see, this small town is the type of town from way back when life was simple and the big buildings and bright lights didn’t sit well with folks. The town that people enjoyed before Disneyland became what it is today and before large crowds and bright lights were the norm.

It’s a small town where friendliness is a virtue and a quality found throughout. Streets lined with small shops, art, and beauty help you understand that you’ve found a town like none other. If you’re looking for the type of vacation that takes you back to quaint pleasures yet sits near many amazing activities, find the best motels in cedar key fl and start planning your getaway! There are tons of great options that will make your stay amazing.

Most people visit Cedar Key to enjoy the blissful nature that surrounds them. There isn’t a lot in the city, at least in the way of shopping malls and entertainment spots, but that doesn’t mean there is no shortage of things to do.  It is in great abundance in the area and you’ll find an array of activities to fill your time that allow you to relax and enjoy the peaceful life that you deserve. Bird watching is a favorite pastime in the area, as well as kayaking, fishing, and hiking. There are many areas in which these activities are easy to enjoy. 

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Once you’ve enjoyed all of the nature in the area and the mom and pop stores, nearby destinations continue your enjoyment. Visit these areas to find more fishing adventures, bigger and better waters, great snorkeling, manatee viewing, major shopping malls, and so much more.